Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Human is the most intelligent creature in the world, as believed by the humans. It may be possible we human are not aware of other creatures who are more intelligent than us, they are as much intelligent as they are able to hide themselves from us. This is not only my belief but many people has said that there must exists a 4th dimensional, which we are unable to realize. Well that the out of humans living. Although that topic very interesting, but if I don’t go out and try to realize myself as a human being, attracts me a lot. At least practicing on myself as a human being, a most intelligent creature on the earth, is very simple as I can feel, I can do practicals easily. If I compare myself with non-living intelligent things then I can tell more clearly what I want to tell. Old mobiles e.g. Nokia 1100 are the simple ones, there is no concept of virus in them. Windows mobile, user friendly has a great effect of virus on them, why is so, is it because of windows phones are more intelligent that simple and cheap phone! Intelligence has side effects also! Now let’s come to living intelligent things. A comparison between rat and human. I have never heard of a veterinary psychiatrist or a rat is suffering from some mental illness. They may suffer upto an extent as they also have brains. But I believe that a human can think up to a great extent and can suffer from a mental illness up to a similar extent, similarly mental illness in case if no- humans(less intelligent creatures) is less. If human is exposed to some human virus by some direct or indirect sources, human might be destroyed like a computer hard disc is needed to format when suffered from some similar kind of disease. Now let’s group humans into different categories, there will be as much categories as total number of humans in the world. So it is rightly said by some intelligent creature that everyone this world has a special thing in them but only those are happy who have known what is special in them. Now what will happens if someone gets exposed by so-called virus, means distracted by something which at some time stops that person’s thinking, or forces that person to think in destructing way, destruction of his own mind.

Above written paragraph is very difficult for other person to understand completely, because I am thinking about what I am writing, so it is only very simple for me to imagine what I am writing and I am trying to tell. Why so! Because the processes (thoughts) running in the readers mind and in my mind are different up to a great extent, that stops other person to think like me. It means if we define a scale for our (humans) thinking, everyone has different magnitude with different dimensions. But who choose the magnitude and dimensions of this scale. These are nothing but attractions of the nature. When we (humans) get attracted towards this attractions, our minds start thinking about that thing only and forgets about other thing up to an extent. If sometimes we are unable to get or achieve what we expected from that natural attraction, a pressure gets created in the mind, about this pressure only a psychiatrist can explain properly. In humans we can use word distraction for that type of attraction, or here I would like to use word "human virus". If I think I am very much intelligent I can control mind, that is never true and I guess same is case for every human. It is very difficult to control our mind, the only thing we can do is to concentrate on other attractive thing, which we can be gotten easily and we can prevent those things to become virus. Easy to say but very difficult to implement! Efforts can be reduced by choosing an attraction which can divert our processes of mind in non-viral directions. for example tomorrow morning at 6 ‘o clock I have an exam , I have to get up early but tonight all my close friends are going to celebrate in youth-party, I cannot stop myself. Now what is virus in this case, and what is the best solution in this case. Obviously that thought of party in the mind. And what is the best solution for this situation. If I will go to party it will ruin my exam, if I will not go I will keep on thinking about the party only and this will also not good for my exam. I have different solution for me and similarly other person would have some other solution depends on his/her mind. This is very common example. Here it is not much difficult to choose the best solution. But there are many situations where I feel helpless and my mind stops thinking in a normal way. Is that the same case with others also? I believe yes same is the case for others also. In a sinking boat you sister and your mother are dying, you can save only one, whom will you save? Just imagine yourself in the situation like you are seeing a nightmare and you have to choose one out of two beloved ones. Your mind will surly stop working properly and you will stop thinking normally. Now what is mental virus in this case! I guess, to find out and to remove these illness (I don’t know if I am using correct word "illness") of mind are out human scope. I am saying this illness because after this scene almost every human’s mind will start working in a different way. These are the unavoidable situations. But there must be a way to get out of these types of situations.

Please don’t misunderstand by physical situations; I am talking about purely mental situations. I don’t know the solution. Need to work on it. But there are many other situations which act like viruses and distracts human mind, which, after not getting what is expected, convert into illness. Those things should be avoided, not by thinking oneself strong enough but by intelligent enough. E.g. I get angry easily. If I try to control my anger forcefully, means I will try to feel I am not angry or I am strong enough to control my anger, I believe that is wrong way, that anger will start working like a virus and one day it will I will stop thinking., anger is one of human attribute. Creation of human virus is similarly applicable to other human attributes e.g. happiness, frustrations, infatuation, love, sadness etc. you must be thinking why I am writing about negative things only. But "Be positive " is only applicable if we also know about the negative things, otherwise we are blindly following positivity with ignorance of other neutral( may be non-negative) things. Or you must have heard "ignorance is bliss". Whatever are quotations written by some famous people. E.g. "Whatever you are, be a good one. -Abraham Lincoln" it doesn’t mean Abraham Lincoln never felt he has done something wrong. Similarly if I believe something it doesn’t mean I have followed that thing perfectly to its 100%. Although I always wanted to follow but something stops me, I doubt they are some distractions (human- virus). I was talking about human attributes. They are very strong I cannot defeat them but I can reduce their affect. If you have watched movie "3 Idiots". You can recall one dialogue- "mann ko bevkoof banake rakhna padta hai", or if you have read Bhagwad Geeta, Shree Krishna had said-"Mann bada chanchal hai", what did they mean actually, meaning can be explained in single sentence or a book of millions of pages can written on this. Similarly If I have watched this movie, I could have taken the meaning up to one level of my understanding, as I have explained , if there is something to learn we can learn it to an extent. According to me these levels are >listening>remembering>understanding>analyzing>implementing. This really matters what is my understanding level for these human viruses. If I have understood this single sentence up to its implementation level, I would be aware of many human viruses. Or in simple words I have to cheat myself to get greatest enjoyment with not getting distracted by these viruses/distractions. Whatever I have written is very simple like can be written in one line and it is very difficult as a book of million pages can be written on it. If I am able to write a book in mind of million pages , then I can say I have understand it to some extent of understanding i.e. implementation.

One big problem is how to identify these viruses. If I am asked to identify it for others, for example I am asked to identify distractions for my friend, I can tell my friend nicely that these are the thing that you should avoid to make yourself more happy. But If something is distracting me and I am asked to identify viruses for me. I cannot suggest myself the best solution. Because these human viruses reduce the thinking ability. I am sure this is not only my case , but everyone has almost same impact of these viruses on them. These viruses are the attractive thoughts which give birth to expectations and increases expectations which cannot be fulfilled and after not getting what was expected you can imagine what happens. That’s why its rightly said –"expectations leads to frustrations". Now this is also a single sentence and a book of million pages can be written on it. And it depends on person upto what extend he/she has understand this. Similarly if we ignore these human viruses, they can affect human thinking from very small to a great extent that might be difficult to imagine. This is explained by Osho very nicely with an example. A farmer and a school boy were neighbors. Boy’s activities generally irritate the farmer. Generally this happens to people with some age differences. Now one day farmer lost his axe. At the moments when he came to know about his axe, he suspected that boy only because of their differences. Now every time the farmer used to keep an eye on the boy. His 50% of thinking was reigned by the boy. Daily activities of the boy started increasing farmers hate for boy day by day. After few day farmers found his axe in his home only, he found boy was innocent. Now again he started thinking normally. What had happened to farmers thinking when he had lost his axe! Was his thinking suffered by some human virus! I guess this type change in thinking is common and can be observed easily. I am 100% sure farmer must had fought with the innocent boy if he could not find his axe for few more days. Boy had done nothing to do with every mental process (thinking) went on in the farmers mind. Boy was never that much responsible for change in farmers thinking. Something was there in farmers mind. I termed that thing human virus. This is not case of hatred only. if this would be the case of hatred only, would be easy to handle as everyone knows hatred is negative and should be under control. But if someone gets affected by some positive thing like happiness, I mean, if root cause of human virus is happiness, and then people hesitate to get rid of this virus. For example I get impressed by someone. Every time whenever I behave, I try to behave like that person only, I like everything of my hero. In my behavior I forget to behave normally, something has changed my thinking and that something changed my behavior. According to me that is also an affect of human virus (distraction).If My hero is Lord Krishna and I am a great devotee of Lord Krishna. Whatever he has said, if I follow all that, I believe that is also a human virus’s affect. Now you must be thinking if some is good then what is problem in following him. Problem is nothing but if I follow my hero, I will try follow him with an assumption that he is my hero and he can never be wrong. And I will reduce my personal thinking that is independent of everything and my every decision will be affected by my hero directly or indirectly. In this blindness I will follow those things of my hero also which could be wrong if he would not be my hero. Although I can provide good solutions to others problems, but I feel little helpless when same problem happens to me. I guess this is not my case, but same happens with everyone as this is basic human problem. If you remember the dialogue of movie "U me aur Hum", Ajay devgan says "jab ek maa aur bachcha doob rhe hote hai, to maa bachche ko ek hadd tak bachati hai, fir maa bhi bachche ke sir pe hath rakh ke bachne ki koshish karti hai". Now what is that! Relation of a mother and son is the strongest relationship, but what happens to mother when she is in semi conscious state. Then her basic human nature come out, which is very strong, cannot be controlled, human virus is also a part of basic human nature, which is very difficult to control, only solution is to cheat this basic nature. Any one says he/she is very much strong and nothing can distract him/her, that is nothing but ignorance and zeal which is itself a human virus, reduces the thinking abilities. I believe defeating these human viruses is impossible, only thing we can do is to reduce their effects.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ravan - The truth ?

"Ravan" whenever I hear this name , Ravan of tv serial "Jai hanuman" comes in my mind. This happens perhaps because I saw the story of Ramayana first time in that serial only. When Nair asked me for movie Ravan again that old image of ravan came into my mind, Villain of story Ramayana. Whenever I read something about Ramayana , same story with exactly same character was repeated everywhere. Either every writer of every Ramayana book knows the story 100% or they trust the source of Ramayana 100%. People worship Ram of Ramayana as God. But who knows the real story! This may be possible that we were always told a wrong story of Ramayana. When I went to watch movie Ravan. I thought story would be similar to Ramayana with same moral of the story, same hero and villain of the story. But after watching the movie, I realized, my assumption was wrong, I didn’t understand who is hero and who is villain in the movie, may be because I missed the end part of the movie , because that night my friend lokesh was missing and gupta with one more friend was searching him. He called me and asked to come . But I liked the movie very much. It made me to think against the original Ramayana. When my friends, who didn’t watch the movie, discussed about the movie, they were discussing like ram is the hero of Ramayana and whoever played the similar role in movie is the hero of the movie, Vikram is the villain of Tamil Ravan (Ravanan), Abhishek Bachchan is the villain of Hindi Ravan and vikaram is hero …… similar to this one’s mind takes the things with some of its own assumption. It can be possible that similar things happened in Ramayana also.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Emotional Machines

Human Nature - one of my favorite topics to write about. Today again I am going to write on this topic only.I think basic nature of every human is common .I was asked, many times to believe somethings without knowing much about those things. sometimes by my teachers, sometimes my parents or my friends became my teachers. there are some beliefs to which all my teachers never tried to think of going against. Whatever those teachings were, have made a place in my mind. I guess which can never be unplaced totally for my whole life.I guess this is not only my case, but almost every human is suffering from it. I will try to explain it with example. I believe almost every person in this world must have listened at least one scary story. and every one must have heard about at least one ghost. To whatever extent one has strongly believed that there is nothing like ghost in this world, at least some circumstances exist which would force one to get afraid. i.e. one is walking in the dark mid night, without any light source, no humans exists nearby in the radius of 5 KM and heard a loud scream. you can image the next part of story. this fear can never be removed totally.
Now lets come to social world with a story of a man, who is very hard working person. and has got good marks in school and college. his image is, like no known person can even think that he will shirk work. he is very emotional about his work. He is very cool and calm, but when the question comes of any competition, his internal beast comes out and he becomes like ready to kill any one as if he is fighting in Mahabharta. why does he forget everything at that time. why does he never thinks of shirking work. Has he become a machine?
In another example , one of my friends , when I meet him first time, he was very frank, like he bothers about nothing ,he doesn't care what other says, he speaks what he has to speak. his behavior was like he is more than a friend. But after some 2-3 months his behavior was like what is expected from a friend. his two type of behavior made me confused. I don't know if his behavior changed with time or my way of thinking changed. but I am sure something is changed. why is this something changed? Are we forced to be changed by circumstances? are we controlled by other things? are we not emotional actually? are we made to be emotional? one other friend of mine was not very much frank, when we met first time, he took a lot of time to share his thinking and feelings with me, what is expected from a good friend. Did my second friend afraid of something which forced him to be very strange to me initially? Or did my first friend was make to show his very frankness and very nice behavior?why ones behavior is different with different people under different circumstances. Why one behavior changes when someone scolds one. why one feels happy when made to feel happy. Teacher scolded one student because he was unable to solve problems, actually he didn't use to think in a way teacher wanted. when first time student got scolded, he felt very bad. his intensity of thinking dropped. his behavior was also changed. but after few more scolds, he got adapted to feels that this is normal for him. Now he didn't feel bad. when he was scolded first time, he became very emotional . but with time and more scolds his emotions started reducing its intensity, and finally he became emotionless for his teacher's behavior. Its not like that his behavior changed only for his teacher, but had little effect on overall behavior. this doesn't happen only with students only, but with other older people also. When manager scolds his team member for not doing work in a way manager wants. Team member also starts behaving like school kid. emotional graphs takes a lot of curves. If we take this example in opposite way, means manager doesn't scold but appreciates the work. this increases the team members confidence. if this frequency of appreciation is more than normal. and after so many appreciations some days manager slops down his frequency of appreciations. team member starts thinking in way like he is getting insulted or scolded. he becomes little emotional more than normal. but after few more normals behaviors of managers, team member comes to normal emotional level. Now he doesn't feel insulted or scolded. Why does this emotional curve change it direction with situations? I think there is something that need to be changed, or you can say there is something pending to learn. I feel no one can make to learn this something.One can teach, one can tell , one can force to remember, one can make to think,but no one can make to learn. Then how will we learn this? Have we become emotional machines?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Size of My Well

I have been thinking of writing this blog- "size of my well" for a long time. I am starting this with tarun's (tarun goel) law of relativity, as tarun says rightly everything in this world is relative nothing is absolute. this title "Size of my well" is derived from Hindi saying- "कुएं का मेंडक ". Every one in this world starts journey of their life from their parents home and school, college, first job and marriage etc etc। this is the general flow. many people have different paths. When I was at home before joining my first school, center of world was my parents. At that time my parents were absolute for me. I started my life's journey from that center. I decided everything by taking my parents as reference, I compared everything with my parents to have any opinion about that thing. after that I joined my first schools , primary school. then that center of my life started spreading. Now that center had become the base. that base of my life started including my teachers with my parents. Now I started taking that base as reference point of my life. I started comparing everything with that base. As I grew up size of that base increased. Always I started deciding about everything by taking that As reference. this size of base can be called the radius of my well. that describes the size of my "कुआँ" ।
what I have explained in very clear scenario of "कुएं का मेंडक ". Now come to some typical scenario. according to almost every one the flow of life is almost same. they describe the life inside some fixed boundaries. that describe the size of their well. It is said -be broad minded. what is a broad mind. I think broad mind is something broader than other comparable thing. it can be said broad thinking. what in realty the person who is broadminded is nothing what frog of some bigger well, not of very big well. Why the life average human runs in almost same way. I think size of their well is described by the society where they are living. there are a lot of difference between girls social life and boys social life, because sizes of their wells are separately described/defined by the society. people go in a smooth way . they don't have any problem in their well. they are happy. This is good, but the problem is that many don't want to cross their limits, even bigger problem is that many people never think to cross the limit. they died with the assumption that their well is the whole universe. Many problems arises, which can be solved by just crossing the limit, but who dare to do this . Understanding this this thing with some clarity can be done by some examples. Love marriage is very common example. why do 90% Indian are against of love marriage. why their behavior are different for son and daughter. many people can think about this , they can give the solution but never dare to implement this in their lives. this thing can be seen in almost every Indian family. reader of this blog can think about their own family, may be, this difference is very small.
Now come some more typical example. God, no one dares to think against god. even no one can think of insulting their god. Now, question may be asked why to insult any god. I am not saying to insult , but to think that it can be done or not.there are a lot of examples that can be observed everywhere. Like, why to behave differently with our parents and with our neighbours. why to worship god.
why some person grown in a city is different from a person grown in a village. Misunderstanding comes when it is assumed that person from city would have greater radius of his/her well.
If I have had experienced a lot things at various places of world with very great and famous people and I think have gained a lot of experience in this period, then I should be wrong. It is also possible that I have gained only 1% what I could have gained if I would think in different way. If I have increased the size of my well 10 times, perhaps I could have increased this size by 100 or 1000 times. but is this the limit. what should be the limit of the size if my well. 10000 or 1million times or 100 millions time. No, it should be infinite.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Everyone - A Terrorist

Yesterday I was thinking of terrorists. They are no different from a normal person. They just do what they feel "right" because they believe, or are made to believe that they are born to do that. It aint their fault, everyone does that. So why is that, our perception about them is not good or rather bad. When I was a child I was taught a lot. Now even without thinking about those lessons, I follow them blindly. I had undoubtedly assumed truth in whatever that was told to me. I was taught that there lived a Isaac Newton, and I believed there was one. I was told that flow of electrons in a conductor is called current. I believed those to be electrons only. I was taught always to respect our elders. I was taught to never hurt you parents. I had listened few songs of Naseebo Lal in my childhood. I didn't like them at that time. And I even didn’t know that the singer was Naseebo Lal. Now I just don’t like her voice, but just loves it, maybe because those songs had started running in my blood since then. Now I hear to her songs madly. Those things were forced to run in my blood by the environment where I had grown. I even can't just think against those running things.
So what defines the terrorists wrong? Things that they do are running in their blood. Those people who believe in God, can't think against God. Then why should these terrorists think against what is running in their blood. They were taught like that only. They were told to obey that rules and they just humbly do that. Everyone knows that Ladies are made to live a very restricted life. If someone queries these ladies," Isn’t this wrong going on with them?", I am damn sure that a major share of them will say that nothing wrong is going on with them, because they believe this to be the rules defined by God himself. They are doing what they believe, is the purpose of their life. This purpose of their life is forced to run in their blood by the society where they grow. Never cheat parents, terrorist are spreading terrorism, they are doing grave mistakes - and many such things are forced to run in my blood. But if someone asks these terrorists, they respond that they are trying to implement what God had said and for them, the ones against their schema synonyms terrorism. If someone asks me what is good, and same question is put forward to another person, it’s for sure that answers may be different. I would prefer to go with my answer. Another person would like to go with his/her answer. And the ultimate question prevails - WHAT IS YOUR ANSWER?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Small Decisions

I tried to make my life very complex, I succeeded. Then I tried to make my life so simple , Again I succeeded. Everything was depending on my decisions. My life goes smooth. one day I think let's make it complex. Now I will tell you how I did it. First of all I thought I can make my life very complex, if I would let me to stuck in net of decisions. I decided to a lot decisions that I didn't need to think about , because if I would not tahink about that decisions that would be taken automatically my me. I know it is not easy to understand this. I will make it simple from starting .
Every thing's happening is decided by a decision. when I have to breath my brain has to decide weather air is to be inhaled or exhaled. when I have to walk my brain has to decide which leg I have to put up. what should be height of my foot. what should be angle of my leg. what should be the speed of my leg's upward movement. where should put my foot. what should be angle at knee. what should be the direction of my step. with how much force I should put down my foot. what should be angle of my ankle joint at stepping up and stepping down time. all these things are decided by my brain automatically. I don't need to think about these decisions much. these are the things that are related to myself only. one can imagine how much complex life would be if one start to decide all these small things every time. this may be looking very funny. now come to next context, when I have to take decision when my decision is influenced by other people. it will be very simple if I explain with example. let's take example of my friend gupta(deependra gupta). I am using gupta's name just to explain and without any other any reason. gupta is my friend.If I am going to watch movie, My decision of asking gupta to come with me for movie is affected by gupta. I will ask gupta not any unknown person walking on road. If gupta is religious person , my decision of using slang for god will depend on gupta's presence. If some one want something from me , my decision of giving that thing to that some one depends on the person, if he is gupta my decision would be different from if that some one is any unknown person. that is the example of gupta. now let's go some more deep. come to my parents. I am at my home some neighbour come to my home and ask for some money or some other help urgently If I know it already that my mother is having very bad thinking about that person, then my decision would be different from if the situation is opposite . I can take my own decision at that time but this may hurt my mother more than what I could have hurt that neighbour. Any parents can never want that their child would smoke. My decision of smoking in front of my parents is be affected by my parents. now let's take another example. some beggar comes to me, I would give him a coin of 1,2,5 or maximum 10 rupees. but if some non-beggar person come to and gives some proper reason for money, then at that time I would give money more than that I would give to beggar. my decision is totally affected by others. situation becomes very critical when I have to decide with my close person. for example I have decided to change my decision of going to home at any time, than tarun asks me to go to home, and I decided I will go after 1/2 hour and I tell the same to tarun , at that time my decision of changing my present decision depends on tarun. every thing is affected by others.Now come back to explanation how I made my life very complex. I decided I will take every decision by myself only and I can change my decision at any point. now I decided to wake up at 7 morning, when it was 7, I decided to sleep more and decided to wake up at 7:30, because enjoyment would be maximized. than I wake up at 7;30. Now I had to decide weather I should brush at that time or after some time. then I decided I will do some exercise first and I will do brush after 5 minutes. Again I had to decide which exercise should I do. I decided I will exercise push-ups. Again I had to decide how many push-ups. I decided 10 push-ups. I did that. almost 5 minutes were over. then I started brushing before that I had to decide how much tooth paste I had to use. somehow I decided. I brushed. Generally I take bath daily. but that day I had to decide weather I should take bath or not. because only one day before I had taken bath. At last I decided I will take bath. After that I had to decide hot water or cold water. I thought I will use hot water, because it would be more comfortable. but again I thought if I would use hot water it may may be difficult next day to use cold water because of comfort. then I decided I Will take cold bath. Like this I took very- very small decision with almost every assumption. this made my that day very complex, as I could not think any thing else and that decreased the enjoyment. Now some other day I decided to make my life very simple. that day I didn't put any alarm to wake me. I got up when I was completely woke up, I didn't think about any exercise. I used random quantity of toothpaste. I took bath with cold water as usual. I did almost all things without thinking much about those. that was the day of maximum enjoyment, but I forget small- small thing, like I forgot to take I-card with me . but in real that decreased the enjoyment. Now the problem's solution was more clear, that is about how much decisions should I really think. I started to apply theory of maximum enjoyment. if my my decision of not taking decision does not cause any destruction and increases the enjoyment, I left that decision on my automatic machine, my experience named functioned automatic part of brain. some decisions that are not taken by my machine because of of lack of experience, I started to use theory of maximum enjoyment.
Many times I got stuck in a number of decisions .I came to know about this when after that stuck I thought, I could have enjoyed more if I could have not spend time to decide those thing, which could have been solved without my decision. Means my decision was not necessary for that. and that process of making decision had blocked one part of my brain for some time from other thoughts. If the situation is opposite and freed myself from taking decisions, then many important decision that I should take would not be taken. and this may cause destruction, which is against the theory of maximum enjoyment. Now the important thing is that for which decisions I should think, and for which decisions I should not think much. thinking process is not bad but it should be efficient, enjoyment should be there. One more important thing, if I would try these things that I explained earlier to increase enjoyment, it can make me confused if I forget other thing for this. this thing is related to my thinking and hence this is very critical and can cause destruction if I didn't do that properly. this is the greatest disadvantages of theory of maximum enjoyment also. If one can not use this theory properly, it would be very destructive. So the greatest precaution while using theory of maximum enjoyment is that if one do not know it how to use theory of maximum enjoyment properly then one should not use this theory. same case is here with decision making process. if I get diverted from the normal processes or things then destruction would be caused. so finally theory of maximum enjoyment is the solution of my every problem.

Friday, January 23, 2009


STC में बिताये हुए चार महीने मेरी ज़िन्दगी के सबसे यादगार दिन रहेंगे।वाह सत्यम , चार महीनो में जन्नत दिखा दी। जब तक वहां थे इतना एन्जॉय था की भूल गए नरक जैसा भी कुछ होता है भूल गए असली दुनिया कैसी है। उन दिनों को भुलाना मुश्किल ही नही नामुनकिन है। मुझे STC से प्यार हो गया।
वो पहला दिन जब हैदराबाद में पांव रखा फ़िर STC और बाकि की दुनिया को भुला दिया। वो जेरोन जॉन का डराना। वो डोरम्स में पहला दिन। फ़िर बाकी दुनिया जैसे हो ही नही। कभी नही भूल सकता मैं उन दिनों को। वो सुबह ८:४५ पे उठाना और ९:०० से पहले लैब पहुंचना। वो राधिका मैडम का डरते हुए डराना। वो नागराजू का डर । वो clean shaved रहना। वो मंगलवार को टाई पहनना । वो लेट हो जाने पे भाग के क्लास जाना । वो साइन करके breakfast के लिए वापिस आना। वो क्लास में सोना। वो अशोक शर्मा का पड़ना। वो प्रसाद के फट्टे। वो निवारती का confused confidence। वो टीना का टाइम पास करना। वो शेशु बाबु को बुरा भला कहना। वो कमांडर की डांट। वो लिंगे का कमांडर की पुंगी बजाना ।वो शाम के सेमीनार। वो गुल्टी हरी कृष्णा। वो लंच के लिए cafeteria आना। वो कैफेटेरिया में खाने को बुरा भला कहना। वो कैफेटेरिया के बाहर गुल्टन को एक नज़र देखने के लिए इंतज़ार करना। वो खाने के बाद क्लास में सोना । वो क्लास में गाने सुनना । वो बर्थडे सेलेब्रेट करना। वो शाम को धीरे वापिस आना फ़िर सुट्टा मरना। वो शाम का खाना । वो फ़िर खाने को गाली निकालना और खा लेना। वो फ़िर से गुल्टन को एक नज़र देखने के लिए इंतज़ार करना। वो गुप्ता को घंटो घंटो साथ में खडे रखना और गुल्टन का इंतज़ार करना। वो डोर्मस में दारु पीना। फ़िर दारु पिके किसी अजनबी के जन्मदिन पे GPL मारना । वो सोडा का लड़कियों पे लाइन मरना। वो डिम्पी का मुसाफिर ढाबे पे तंदूरी चिक्केन खाने जाना। वो नायर का दारू पिने का अंदाज़। वो अन्ज़ल का खामोश एन्जॉय । वो सोडा और अन्ज़ल का स्पेशल सुट्टा। वो निशित का हर समय एन्जॉय करना। वो दारू पि के नाचना। वो गुप्ताजी का दारू पीते हुए ये शेयर बोलना-"नशा शराब में होता तो झूमती बोतेलें नाचते पायलों में होती हलचल..... " वो शाम को कैफेटेरिया में दूध पिने जाना । वो शाम को घुमने निकलना। वो सड़क के किनारे पेड़ के पत्तों को छूना। वो सबको फौजी बनने के लिए कहना। वो तरुण का कम्बल में छुप के प्रेमिका से बातें करना। वो विनोद के घटिया से घटिया फटटो से लेकर वधिया से वधिया फटटो तक एक जैसा बिशवास दिखाना। वो लिंगे का अपने अंदाज़ में यह कहना " चल सुट्टा मारने चलते हैं "।वो शाम को दारू लेने जाना दारू न मिलने पे virtual drinking करना। वो थोराट की किस्मत। चन् केशव की नयी नौकरी । वो जिम की मेहनत और आखिरी प्रोजेक्ट(x-mart) । वो बावा का अपना अंदाज़, श्रीखर और डिम्पी की कोडींग, किशोरी की टेक्नोलॉजी, अंजी और बंडी की दबी सी मस्ती, पलाश बाबु और अनिरबन की स्चूली मस्ती, अनिबन की शराबियों पे हैरानी। वो रेखा का घर जाना और बारिश के कारण बिच रस्ते से वापिस आना ।वो मनीष जैन के फट्टे। वो OLA से पहले कुछ न पड़ना फ़िर LOC और राधिका का डराना। वो किंकर का OLA के बाद रोना । वो सुनील का बबली को चिडाना। वो माधुरी का बचपन । वो परीक्षा के कारण समृधि का रोना और नायर का दुलार। वो निधि का क्लास से भाग जाना और दोस्तों का उसे ढृँढने जाना । वो STC की इमारतें ।वो STC का Zoo ,वो club ,वो तरनतारन में तैरने जाना । वो STC का प्रमुख द्वार । वो STC की बसें । वो बस में 70 रुपये लगना । वो माय्फैर तक बस में जाना । वो हैदराबाद हाउस । वो राघवेंद्रा का दीपेन्द्र गुप्ता के साथ चक्कर । वो श्रीदेवी का मेहन्दिपतनम से हर रोज़ आना। वो STC की दिवाली । दीवली पे राजुल अस्थाना के साथ rock climbing पे जाना। वो outbond की मस्ती। वो सांस्कृत संध्या (cultural evening) में हमारी नाटी, और उस शाम की मस्ती। वो दांडिया वाली शाम।
चाहे मेरी मेमोरी कितनी भी कमज़ोर हो, इन् सब नही भूल सकता मैं जीवन भर वो STC में आखिरी दिन । vo कमांडर की डांट के बाद विदाई समारोह (validitory)। और बभी वहुत बातें है। पर ब्लॉग वहुत लंबा हो जायेगा। वो दिन हमेशा याद आएंगे........

Friday, January 16, 2009

where's my fault???

Few days before I joined pakurdu.net(http://www.pakurdu.net). It is Pakistani social networking site. It is a kind of forum, where user can discuss anything or can do time pass only. But I joined this site with a hope of getting information about Naseebo Lal. As I have told in my past posts, I am a good fan of Naseebo Lal. She is an amazing pakistani punjabi singer. I had been asking the mamber of pakurdu about her. they were also trying to help me by giving me small small infomation related to Naseebo Lal. Thanks to all members of pakurdu. there are many forums in pakurdu for just time pass. for example "aap kiska wait kar rahe hai", "aapka mood kaisa hai",'"aapke uper wala member aapka kaun hai","Naraaz kijiye" etc ,etc..I guess, you may have understood the structure of pakurdu. Everything was going on very normal. But yesterday I was banned from this site for a small reason according to me but this may be big reason for them. I don't know
this were happened in this way :>
I was doing time pass on thread "Naraaz kijiye". where every one tries to annoy the other person whose post was last in that thread. I was doing the same. one of the member whom I was trying to irk was a girl. whose name, I don't want to disclose here. we were keep on posting as:
Girl:"shakal dekhi hai apni".
Me:"haan aaj subah hee dekhi thi"
Girl:"to main kya karoon".
Me:"tum nachna shuru karo. nachne se pahle paani pee lena , nahi to thak jaogi. jab thak jao to fir paani pikar baith jana"
Girl:"kya bakwas kar rahe ho"
Me:"shayad maine aapko sahi mein naraz kar diya. Really?"
After some time , My account was banned from Pakurdu. I tried to login again. but I got a message . yesterday this message was (I don't remember the exact words)-
"You are a rat. go back to your hole. ask you sister to dance. you are banned from PU(pakurdu)"
today the message is changed-"Sorry dk_bagga, you are banned from using this forum!@rediffmail.com banned " .
I don't know what they have taken the meaning of my words. I want to make it clear here that my intentions of using that words were never wrong. I always try not to hurt any one. I can use these words for any of my friend or any one . I can ask any one to dance, not this much we(me and my friends, my relatives) do dance together on occasions like marriage of some one, birthday or any other event. even if my sister will ask me for dance on any occasion I will do and she will also do the same. we celebrate these occasion with dancing together. whenever I celebrate some event with my Friends I do dance with my friends. but while joking when I used these word ("nachna shuru karo"-start dancing) in the forum. she got angry. and I was banned from that forum. you can think the level of her anger from the error message that I received after I was banned.
I don't know what's the meaning she had taken from words. My intentions of using these words was to make our conversation more interesting, not to hurt her or any one. if they have taken some wrong meaning of my words, then I am really very sorry for that. I have no ill will in my heart, and beleive we all should be free of any kind of missunderstandings. that's how I define my happy world.
If by chance this blog is read by any pakurdu member, please post it on pakurdu. I am not saying this to remove ban, but just to express myself.
I sincerely wel come the views and perceptions of whosoever read this post
Well culminating I would say that whatever she thought was wrong.I think her perception is swollen so cant help it,May allah help that puzzled little soul...........................amen.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Advantages of Cigerette Smoking

Sound Advice on the Advantages of Smoking Tobacco

• You will always have something to do with your hands.
•Smoker's become more closer friends.
•Smoke inside the room works as room freasherner.
•It keeps mosquetoes away.
• To avoid headaches later in the day, always have a cigarette first thing in the morning.
• If you work with explosives, you have a handy method of lighting the fuse.
• Smoking is a good career move if you want early retirement and would like to use up your sick leave.
• On New Years Eve you don't have to go out to the fireworks. Just dip your cigarette into a jar of ground up sparklers.
• Amuse your friends and be the life of the party by blowing smoke rings.
• Always discard your butts in flower pots and garden beds as it helps fertilise the plants and keeps insects away.
• Occasional house fires will help keep firemen employed.
By buying cigarettes from corner stores, you help support local businesses and help retain the fabric of our society.
• At the beach, children can use the butts to decorate their sand castles.
• Annoy neighbours you don't like by staying home and smoking heavily.
• You will always have a good reason for loitering - "Officer, I'm just having a cigarette".
• Improves immunity againt air pollution.
• By smoking heavily, you get out of boring work and will have plenty of short breaks during the day.
• Develop your cool image and fun-loving personality by being a smoker. Non smoking is for wimps and wusses.
• You will have a good reason to paint the ceilings every three years.
• Why celebrate world no-tobacco day once a year, when every day can be celebrated as a pro-tobacco day.
• You will know when it's time to throw out your old lounge suite by the number of burn marks.
• Smoking is an adult custom. Add years to how old you look by smoking heavily.
• If you run out of smokes late at night, help the taxi industry by getting them to deliver your smokes to the door.
• You can demand more services and benefits from the government because you have paid more in taxes.
• Help keep the bush fire brigades trained and ready for any emergency by throwing lighted butts from your car window.
• Keep your weight down by smoking cigarettes instead of eating them.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Miles to go before I die

Often I think of my learning, that the learning that I have learnt in my past life is being enjoyed. As I believe I have born to enjoy the life, so I should try to enjoy everything. I think, many of lessons that I have learnt in my past life are not learnt by me properly and I came to know them and remembered for some time (may be for some years). I have remembered them . many things are still in memory. but I have not learnt them. Until I will learn them properly, I can't enjoy my learning. I am talking about the learning that I had started to learn from my birth and I will keep on learning until I die. The important thing is that I have to learn a lot of things as soon as possible , so that I could have a lot of life to enjoy them. I think it is difficult understand.
When a small baby is taught by mother, it doesn't know any language. It does not know how to remember things, even doesn't know whether some learning is going on. Mother teaches her baby without any known Language, their communication can be used by only them. Baby's mind is clear and doesn't have any confusion. Mother keeps on her teaching continue without any intention. That learning of baby is the most efficient learning. Everything go on with enjoy only. there is no hard work, no confusion. I have not learnt Newton's Laws like that baby. I have not learnt Archimedes Principle like that baby. I am not as much honest as that baby. I have forgotten how to be sincere. I have not learnt moral education like that. With my age, I have forgotten the art of being tension free like that baby.
I was told not to be angry because anger destroys our own health. At that time I didn't understand this. I just understood that anger is not good thing and we should not be angry. But I didn't learn not be angry. I knew it anger eats the angry person. I knew a lot of things about anger. but I got angry many times. If I would have learnt this thing , I would not get angry any time. that is the example in which I have to forget to not to be angry. Now, next example, I was told not to steal any thing. I tried to learnt this . this thing was easy to learn that why I got it easily but I didn't use my mind that if some wants his own things to be stolen and it is good for some one ,like it is necessary to save one,s life , then what should I do? this is very rare case but I should be ready for every case,but I think I should know all possibilities to enjoy my life properly. I was told not to speak lie. but if some lie is good enough to save some one's life. then should I speak truth. I just had remembered that we should not speak lie. I had not learnt it.
there are a lot of things that I have to learn as soon as possible. I have to learn how to control my feelings. these should not be expressed without my permission. these should be hidden when I want. but they are not controlled by me. I become happy when I get some good news. I have to learn not to be happy. I have to learn not to be upset or angry. I have to learn how to be a machine. I have to learn how to not love some one very close very dear. I have to learn how to not get depressed. I have to learn how to hate someone. this features are still in me but not in my control. these work automatically. A long journey is still waiting for me to be traveled and completed very soon. Still I don't know how to get away from my parents forever. when I will learn all these things, I will use use them according to theory of maximum enjoyment. I have to learn how to hate some, it doesn't mean I will hate some one. I just want to reign on me.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Life- An Assumption

Yesterday I was thinking about the assumptions on which my life is based. And I came to now that this whole world is an assumption. Till now I lived my 99% life based on assumptions only. I was told God has created us and he is watching everything every time and I assumed that this is the truth. No matters where has this speculation originated. Almost every one is keeping on assuming that he/she was told truth. I was told going to school is necessary to be good man, I assumed is true. I was told food made by mother is the tastiest food in the world, I assumed that is true. I was told to respect my elders. I assumed this is truth.
Mumbai is attacked by some terrorists. People, that were in the building, before the attack were totally unaware of this attack and every one was enjoying and it was assumed that they were safe, but reverse happened. after the attack people staying in Taj at other place left the hotel, because they assumed that Taj hotel is not safe. Again reverse happened. they assumed only the false part, not the true part(other possibilities). they have one wrong thing they even didn't think about the reality.I am not saying I am true about all people inside the Taj. but I am sure that not 100% people had thought about the other possibilities.And this not enough before it is proved that terrorosts are from Pakistan, it is assumed that they are from Pakistan. If they would not be from Pakistan , assumption would be wrong and Pakistan would have wrong image. We are taught to live in society. Rules are made by this society, we assume them universal, i.e. if I do something wrong I will be punished by judiciary and if I would not caught then God will punish me. I don't know God is there or not. but Society told me God is there and I am emotionally forced to believe this. Tarun, My very close friend will never cheat me or will never kill me, that is my assumption. and it does not mean that I will give him any chance to cheat or kill me.
Yesterday I read in newspaper that one girl filed a complain against some boys for attempting rape. And as it is done generally, it was assumed that the girl is speaking truth. Boys were caught and behaved as rapists. But in the last, truth was unveiled an boys were found innocent. Now For that behavior of police with that boy only girl was not responsible but police was also responsible.Because had assumed something wrong.
I assumed I will come to office tomorrow also. I don't know if I will die before tomorrow or not. then how can I assume it 100% true. I have assumed that in today's lunch, poison will not be served. I have assumed that my mother can not kill me. I have assumed that, the bus in which I travel, would not face any accident.I have assumed that I will go to Aundh today evening with my friend, But even I don't not that I will survive till evening or not. I am not sure that today evening bomb will be blasted in aundh or not. But I have assumed.
I am not saying anything wrong about these assumptions. but assuming these assumptions as reality is wrong. Any assumption can never be 100% true to happen. But generally I assume it 100% real. and in this way I forget other real things. For example, if this assumption is 99% true to happen than another 1% thing adding to it makes this real. this is not only me who do it, I think almost every one does this. No one can cheat me, no one can kill me. If one can do this, only if I allow the same. If My friend can't kill me, it doesn't mean I will give him the right to kill me, or I will give him poison to serve me. If some has cheated me, it is my mistake that I am cheated. And this not only my mistake and not only cheater's sin but this is a combination of my mistake and cheater's sin. But why only cheater is punished? I have also done a mistake. Because it is assumed that cheater is wrong not me.
After reading this You might be thinking that I have gone mad. But I have assumed that I am not mad. I don't know I have gone mad or not but I have assumed .But the reality is either I have gone mad or you have gone mad. If rest of the world is assuming that I have gone mad. then, in real , there are two possibilities either I have gone mad or rest of the world has gone. but by the rest of world only it is assumed that I have gone mad.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Slangs

I believe if something is so bad, its goodness is hidden somewhere. if some one has the greatest inferiority, same must has the greatest quality. Generally slangs are used at quarrelling times. these are used to insult someone that may be the reason these are known only bad words. I have used these slangs as tool to construct myself, to maximize enjoyment. It may be very odd to understand this but this is true. I use slangs for everyone, without hurting them. may be some had got hurt, but I always tried not to hurt anyone. And whenever I came to know my slangs can hurt anyone, I stopped their use for those people. that is the part of enjoyment. and I am sure that every one use slangs directly or indirectly, publicly or in private, for enjoyment or for destruction, I always try not to use slangs for destruction. This is the part of enjoyment. Now I will explain how slangs has helped me to construct myself.
You may be thinking how slangs can construct any one. But I believe in abstracting enjoyment from everything. Before explaining, I want to explain my construction. as I have already explained in my last post - still I have to learn a lot of things, till now I have learnt many things. this leaning constructs me. I think maximum of learning that I can do, no one can make me to learn. Constructing myself is maximizing myself, not physically but spiritually. And slangs helped me a lot. I used slangs for my teachers , I used slangs for every one, for my parents and for God also, but not in front of them. Now I will explain how they have helped me. I believe no one in world is 100% good or 100% bad. Every one in this world has a special thing . If that one is my teacher, not that teacher who teaches me, but that teacher who made me to learn. My teacher can not be 100% perfect. I always try to learn only those things that I liked. These things was of my teacher's. that was a part of my teacher. but rest part of my teacher might be bad. I used slangs for those part of my teacher, which I didn't like. I don't have any problem in using slangs for my teachers. and my teachers also don't have any problem. because they are not aware of my slangs, they don't come to know that some one is using bad language for them. I have seen many example, read in books, generally people adorn the whole teacher. Let me to make it more clear with the help of example. Example of one of my relative. he is a devotee of one local saint. this saint is having good knowledge. he is a good teacher. he tries to solve every problem of others. but some times if he does not get solution of any problem, he does not tell that he can't solve. He gives some random solution from his book of random function, like sometimes he says to serve chicken to a black dog, sometimes to serve flour to fishes. And my relative thinks it would really solve his problem. This is a case of deep superstition. If I would be in place of my relative, i would not insult that saint and I would not say thing wrong to that saint. I know, sometimes he give good solution to problems. I would go to him and ask me for help. And he would solve my problem then it's OK, otherwise I would use big-big slangs for his arbitrary solution. The problem with my relative is that he has adorned that saint completely. He should adorn only qualities of that saint. And my slangs helps me to increase my capability of selecting qualities of others. Let's take another example of Lord Karishna. Every one knows he has done many things that according to them should not not be done. Karishna ki Gopiyan. I don't remember the no. He left them after Rassleela and never met them again. I guess, I am right. If You ask his devotee that, is it good, answer would be like this-"don't discuss about this, he is God and he can do anything, we should not talk ill of him. we should not say anything against him". I know karishna was really very great if the history told me is true, it does not mean he didn't has any inferiority. we should not adorn the whole Karishna, but we should adorn only qualities of karishna.
My slangs are helping me to increase my capability of selecting the qualities from a mixture of qualities and inferiorities. If I use slangs for some religion, for some cast, for some region, for some community, for some country or for some person, it is never to insult that religion or community or any thing. My slangs are either to increase enjoyment or to improve my skill of selecting and fetching qualities.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Am I really of Mine?

Sometimes I think of My life. Is it really of mine!, my today, is really of mine! Because everything related to me is directly or indirectly affected by others. This is not only happening with me. I think almost every one is suffering from the same. Problem is that this effect of others, is good or bad. sometimes I feel poor to decide it weather this affect is good or bad. I think it very complex to understand this thing. I will explain this thing with an example.

Let's take an example of a boy. In the morning he gets up at 6:00 Am, Because he is forced to get up by his parents. He is not hungry in the morning, but his mother asks him to do breakfast otherwise he would get time to have food at lunch time only because of office timings. So he takes breakfast. Now he has to go office by company bus and it starts at 8:30 AM. Although bus stop is very near to boy's home but boy has to reach the bus stop before the bus leaves. He gets in the bus and reached the office. In office he do work that is given to him. His behaviour is almost what is expected in the office. His lunch time is 1-2 PM. HE can leave the office after 6:00 PM. Now Again He has to reach the bus at 6:30PM. He has to reach home or he has to inform his parents if he he is late. After reaching home he goes to market to buy something. He goes by rickshaw.after buying something he comes back to his home.
Now when boy gets up in the morning on his mother's call or on alarm. he gets up because he may be affected from one of these: 1) His mother's fear 2) his mother's respect 3) fear of office timing 4) fear of getting late for bus 5) fear of not getting time for another task. Now his waking is controlled by his mother's respect or fear and is affected by any of fear mentioned above less or more. Now when He gets ready, he is asked to take breakfast or he do it by himself only. he is not much hungry, but his taking of breakfast is controlled by any of these things: 1)His mother's wish, because she thinks his son may would not have food before lunch if he misses it. 2) his own thinking like his mother's. Now remote control of his getting breakfast is in either in his mother's hands or in office, means his getting of food is controlled by either his mother or his office time. same happens to him in the office. he is controlled by others, he is affected by others.he reaching to bus stop is controlled by people who has decided the bus timings. he gets angry when other do what he does not like. he gets happy when other do something that he likes.

some days before I got surprised when I came to know that I never got angry with some non living thing .I never got angry when I was alone, thinking nothing . I got angry only with some person. and only when that person did something that I didn't like. And that person provoked me to get angry. that person was having the remote control of one part of my mind. anger is a state of my mind , and its control is in other's hands. That is my property, why should it be use by someone else. why can't I have control of my anger. I think it is because, may be, I don't know how to use the control of my anger. I need to learn how to use this control so that other people could not use this control ,this is my property. But one more problem arises that am I thinking right. shouldn't I give the control of my anger to others. If I do this other will keep on doing things that I don't like or that hurts me. is it good? although solution to this problem I have explained in my last post, I am explaining again. when some one do something I don't like. Means other try to press the button of my control of anger, then I should use my theory of maximum enjoyment . if according to that theory enjoyment is maximum when button of anger is pressed ,then it should be pressed. and this can be done if I press the button not other one. If I feel this anger can hurt me and enjoyment would not be maximum. then I should not be angry. I should show like I am angry. yes I will show anger without getting angry. In this way enjoyment will be maximum .

Now happiness. this is also one of the states of my mind. it is also having a remote control. which is the right place of this remote control? should it be controlled by me or others. I think this control helps in maximizing the enjoyment so what matters if it is controlled by me or by other. but doing this doesn't increase enjoyment all time. Sometimes it should not be controlled by others if it decreases the enjoyment- according to the theory of maximum enjoyment. there are many states of our mind. which should not be totally controlled by others. It should be our choice weather it these should be in our hands on in others' hands. Important thing is that how to use our controls. How to not let others to use our controls. and I believe no one can teach me these things. if some one can give me that is only some hint that can cause me to think, that can trigger me to learn this art.

whenever I get excited, this excitement may be of any type. I forget a lot of things in excitement. I guess same happens to almost every person.every forgets a lot of things in excitement. does it mean I should not get excited? I think that is not the solution. I have to learn how to not to forget things in excitation. I have to learn how to use this control of getting excited. whenever some tells me some news. I become happy if this is good news for me and I get upset if I don't like this news. is that news controlling my happiness or sadness. should it be like that? should I give control of my happiness or sadness to that person who brings that news? How do I have to use that control of mine. still I have to learn this use . I have to learn a lot of things, not of others but my own things. My mother taught me how to walk. that is the one of the all arts that can be taught by other person and can be understood. But that is not enough, There are many more arts that other can't teach me. there are more arts that I have to learn by myself. no one can teach me these arts. one can give me hints, not all arts.

In the last I want to conclude. our own controls (like control of our anger, control of our happiness) are being used by others. and we are being affected by them. other can use these controls according to them. we have to learn how to not let others to use these controls. we have been learning a lot of things since our birth. maximum of things, maximum of arts have been taught by others, whom we call teachers. For example our mother is called our first teacher. But only these arts are not there. these constitutes very small amount of all learning. major part of our learning can't be taught by any teacher. these learning can learnt. we have to be our own teacher.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Human- An Innocent Animal

Our social life is generally affected by our basic human nature. Our attributes as a human being like our behaviour, way of talking, lifestyle, way of interacting people, thinking, love, affection, anger, regret, respect, happiness, attraction, seduction, and all other attributes defines our character, our personality. Basic human Nature is like the nature of a very innocent animal. Is this nature our quality or our inferiority?
I had started to read books on osho's philosophies, almost 3 months back. I did not read more than a half book. and one part of this book ("mind games" in "just like that") forced me to think on basic human nature. Now I believe our basic nature is oust best quality when we use it as a tool, but it becomes our inferiority when it uses us. It is our basic human nature we understand things properly when we experience them. I'll give some example , imagine like you are experiencing them.
I want to explain this by examples. Once in a village near to my village, a lion tried to attack a child. By luck child's mother was also there doing something. Lion was standing between mother and child. when mother saw her baby in danger, she did not think anything and Instead of fearing she took an axe near to her and started to run towards lion while crying to save her child. Her cry and confidence frightened Lion and forced the lion to run away. Here she used her love for her baby over the fear of lion and saved her baby.
Now come to another example.Recall Ajay Devgan in "U me aur hum". when He sends kajol to be hospitalised for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. He tells if mother is sinking with her child in water, till some extend she tries to save life of her child. But when she loses her senses while sinking ,she forgets everything and try to come out by pushing down head of the child. Now she doesn't remain a mother, her basic human nature comes out. and this is the realty. Affection of a mother for her children is an attribute of basic human being and this is the best tool for a mother to feel like the happiest one in the world. But in unconscious state when she tries to save her life by pushing down her child's head, it is her basic human attribute that forces her to do so. In water mother loses her senses and forced to do so. but I guess almost every person is unaware of this basic nature and doesn't now how to be 100% conscious. we get angry on small things, we get excited by small things, we start to forget rest of the world when we fall in world, we try to impress those people who can be beneficial for us. we try to get others attention, we try to insult the one who has insulted us, we try to help the one who has helped us, we try to abuse who has abused us, we try to amuse who has amused us. this is our basic nature which forces us to try all these things. I am not saying that we should not do these things, we don't have to be used by these attributes, but we have to use these attributes as tools. when some one make us angry, we do not get angry but that some one makes us angry. we never get angry when we are alone. others have the remote control of our anger.
I am thinking of a situation when I met one of my friends by the first time. My behaviour , My way of talking with that person at that time was different from normal. After one month my behaviour was not same. But the person was same ,but my behavior was different, this is happening because of my basic nature.I was not using my nature, but it was using me. My behaviour should be same. My talking to my friend and talking to my father was always different. because my friend is not my father and my father is not friend. This is because I am suffering from basic human nature. now come to singer Naseebo Lal. When I listen to her I forget everything, I become almost dead for rest of the world. this attribute of mine that forces me to do so. but this attribute does not create any problem, so I let this attribute to use me. but when some one make other one angry by insulting him. other one should not get angry, he should has control on anger, so that he should not let anger to hurt him. But every one has equal right to survive in this world, to oppose the cause of insult. he should get angry on other one otherwise other can insult him again. Now he has to use this attribute(anger) and does not has to let anger to use him. I mean he should show anger without getting angry.That is what solved by theory of maxim enjoyment(refer to my blog-theory of maximum enjoyment).
many times our basic nature uses us, that is the state of unconsciousness. we have to use our basic nature intelligently as a tool to be more happy, to enjoy.I try to do this by trying to use my attributes which hurt me and I let my attributes to use me which make me happy. for this I apply theory of maximum enjoyment when I get stuck somewhere.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Love Theory

Today I am introducing a new theory, Theory of Love. And this is my perception . Do not read this theory as a human being, read it as if you are a human machine. I am going to explain it mathematically. According to theory of love


Now I'll explain this theory with the help of one example of one boy and one girl. You can take both boys or both girls for your clarifications. One day boy saw the girl. He was attracted by girl. It was girl's appearance, her beauty, her looks that attracted him. This can be called love in first sight. Next day he started talking with her and he found it an attracting way of talking. After some days Boys proposed her to have dinner with him. now days were being spent by them like this. when each one started to understand other's behavior relation started to be weak, because they didn't find it comfortable. And they broke up.

Before explanation I want to introduce new term "love point". Between two people there are some love points. these love points can be negative or can be positive. If love point is positive , it is called attraction and if it is negative then it is called repulsion. if one has known the type of some love points . and these are only attractions, this is the qualitatively purest form of love .but if there are still many more love points to be known yet, these points can be attractions or can be repulsions. then this love is quantitatively weak love. although it is pure love but with time it can be impure due to the lack of knowledge of other love points.

Now come back to the example of boy and girl. When boy saw the girl then it was pure love as there was only attraction. but quantitatively it was very weak love. because with time repulsions might be increasing. Next day when boy talked to girl he found it attractive. now one more attraction increased. Till now love was pure and quantitatively was being strong because number of attractions were increasing. but with time when they were understanding their behaviors few repulsive love points were entering in their love life. when one love point came in light which they did not like each other's, one repulsion was increased. now because of one repulsion quality of love was not as much pure as in early days. now one day whey they found total love became negative due to more number of repulsive type love points they broke up.

problem arises when people come to know about repulsions after long time. one should be enough intelligent to known the purity of love as soon as possible.

sorry I forgot to tell about one more love point. that is neutral love point. As name is self describing, no need to explain it. We are human beings. we have capability to convert repulsions into neutral love points. That increases the purity of love. That is one kind compromise.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Theory of maximum enjoyment

Theory of maximum enjoyment is the theory of my life. According to this theory:


Before arguing about my theory it is very important to understand it. I assure that if one has understand this theory there will be no argument, no discussion on this theory. according to theory of maximum enjoyment , I added enjoyment. One can ask me have we come here on earth to enjoy only. I believe Yes we are here only to enjoy. this enjoyment should not be of maximum no. of people and should not be for short time. why do we do work? to eat food and we enjoy enjoy food empty stomach hurts, that is destructive. Why should we respect others? Because respecting others earns respect. earning respect gives enjoyment. Here Destruction is anything that hurts any one. I may not be able to make my theory to be understood by just writing here. But I will try by explaining this theory by examples.

According to theory of maximum enjoyment if some lie is beneficial for someone and not hurting anyone it should be spoken. if some stealing is not hurting anyone it can be done. everything can be realized by this theory . I can describe everything with this theory. I don't know about any religion . Only this theory is my religion. This theory includes all my principles. I have dreamt all my life on the basis of this theory. I did a lot of things that may not be good according to others , but I did, because they did not hurt anyone. I did never read any religious book like Geeta, kuran, ved . and I don't think that I need to read these books. I try to drive every thing from this theory. If some thing that is written in holy books and does not fit in theory of maximum enjoyment , I believe that is wrong.

I follow only those laws which fits in theory of maximum enjoyment. if defying some law is not hurting anyone then why should it be followed ? I am not saying that some rules and laws are wrong. But in fact these are incomplete due to exceptions. let's take a small example it is in Indian Law to keep in left in the road. but if road is empty then why shouldn't be keep right as it not hurting anyone. Indian Law does not explain this, but this can be derived from theory of maximum enjoyment. this is very Small and simple example. Big problems can be solved by this theory. important thing is that one has to understand it properly, how to use, how to implement this theory. One more important thing- this theory is applicable if one has to survive in this world. I follow this theory because I have to survive in this world. But this theory is not the realty, I will explain this realty, means what I think about realty in my next blogs. this may be contradictory, but leave it I'll come with this in next blog.

As I have cleared it this theory will be more clear by examples. I want to introduce one live example here. One of my friends Nishit follows this theory or in other words he fits in theory of maximum enjoyment. If you want to realize this theory meet him and spend at least 1 month with him. he enjoys everything. He does not do any thing wrong. he does not care any rule or regulation. but he is enjoying his life up to its peak.
If I don't have work in office , if for a month there is no work for me, but officially it compulsory to go to office. But no one knows that weather I am coming to office or not. then Why should I come to office. I will not go to office and in the last of month I will provide all proofs of my presence in office. Then company will be happy and I will also be happy. That is good implementation of theory of maximum enjoyment. but no one should be unhappy. This is explained only by the theory of maximum enjoyment.
If some one has to follow this theory of maximum enjoyment, he/she has to filter all his/her decisions through this theory. I follow this theory. I don't have any other principle except this theory. because at some moment of time every has to amend his/her principles due to some exceptions. If some one always speaks truth and he is always ready to save others life. some day if his lie can save any one life. Then he will be forced to amend his principle.

Friday, December 19, 2008


I always think of writing blogs, but , it is my laziness or ignorance or my weak memory or may be any other weakness that stops me. Actually whenever I try to write something I forget in middle what I was thinking to write. As I am a owner of weak memory , I am going to write the advantages if weak memory. In between I will also give some examples related to my weak memory.

Weak memory helps to forget the bitter memories of life. In my college life this helped me a lot. if something wrong happened in my relations with my friends this things didn't survive for much time in my mind.

My weak memory has also helped me in analysing things without remembering them or without having their knowledge. If some one tells me something knowledgeable , I can't remember . that may be the reason I always got less marks than but I could have got more marks if mine was a normal memory.

Actually I think My permanent memory is good. Now I will tell about this concept of two types of memories, this concept is interpreted by me from the analysis of my own memory. I think there are two types of memories in every brain . One is temporary , another one permanent memory. permanent memory is like a CD that can be written , but can't be deleted. I can recall some memories stored in permanent memory, I can recall those days of my life when I was 5-6 years old.

I think, for children permanent memory is easy to write, but with age it keeps on becoming difficult to write on this permanent memory.

Now second kind of memory is temporary memory , that is easy to be deleted. For example I am going to any shop to buy something, someone asked me to bring something for him, This thing will remain in mind till I will buy the required things if would be having a normal memory, but I will forget. my temporary memory is weaker that a normal temporary memory. this temporary memory may be weak only because of ignorance. I don't know . earlier I wanted good memory, but now I think, this is a gift. I am happy with weak memory. there are many disadvantages of this weak memory. I think I am having more number of advantages than disadvantages.

This weak memory ,I have inherited from my father , he is also having weak memory , but he is good philosopher like me. I recalled one more advantage of this weak memory. my weak memory made me philosopher. I believe I am a philosopher. Because of my weak memory I could never remember much things, that's why there is not much mess in brain . a great part of my brain is still empty, this little memories never came in my way to think. That's why I thought a lot of things, and this thinking made me a philosopher . I may not be able to prove my thoughts by giving examples. it is because I don't have much fact stored in my brains to prove my thinking. My present thinking is based on my past thoughts, As I interpret maximum of things from my previous ideas not from some facts. , and many of my friends are agree with my thought. As nothing in this world is 100% true or 100% helpful, I generally face problem when I forget what I have thought last day. I know what is the idea , I don't If I have discussed it earlier. sometime I don't find exact words for my thinking. that is not my problem, that is others problem who can't understand me.

I am great fan of Pakistani Punjabi Singer Naseebo Lal, her voice is amazing , I started to listen her songs after my collage, when I was in Hyderabad. I think I have listened her songs almost for 500 hours in last 5 months. and now I listen her songs only. but if someone ask me to tell the lyrics of any of her song. I may be able to recall only 1 or 2 lines of her songs, I love her voice, I listen her songs any time. I become almost dead for rest of the world when I listen to her. That's why I don't give attention to lyrics. about this I will discuss in my next blogs.

Come back to my memory. I was telling the concept of temporary and permanent memory. Now I am going to explain this concept of temporary and primary memory by taking example of a computer. consider my brain is like a computer , its secondary storage device i.e. hard disc is good enough to store data. but when I have to retrieve some data from hard disc , it takes too much time or some some time it fails to retrieve data. that's why things stored in hard disk don't come to processor registers easily. that is what I termed as temporary memory. actually this is a process of retrieving information from hard disc, but I termed it as temporary memory, may be because when I named is, I was not aware of this process. Thins concept is related to my memory that's why I named it temporary memory.

My weak memory has also helped me in my school times, specially in mathematics. whenever I solved any problem it was always a new problem for my, may be I had already solved that problem, but I always forgot that problem every time. That's why I was equally strong for both type of problems new and old ones. although it was relatively disadvantageous for me when questions were repeated in exams . but I got great advantages when questions were new.

One more advantage of my weak memory is , whenever there is a discussion on any idea I feel very comfortable in participating the discussion. but I fail to discuss on facts. I don't remember much facts.

I have hardly read any religious book . It doesn't matter, because if I would have read any book I could not remember maximum of thing, that may be the the reason I don't know much about any religion and I don't follow any rule of any religion. I believe in only my religion That is explained by me in a single sentence only, and that is explained by theory of my life, theory of maximum enjoyment. I will explain this theory in my next blogs. Now Come to Gods, I don't know much about about any god. even I don't believe that gods really exists or not. It will a confusion for me for the whole of my life if God doesn't come to me and tells that he/she really exists or I get a solid proof enough to convince me.

In starting years of my life I was not happy with this weak memory , but now I think this weak memory is a boon for me. I don't want to make it weaker or stronger than now, because if I get more weak memory I'll not be able to recall words for my thinking and this will cut me from rest of world. this much weakness is good enough in fact very good, I don't want weaker or stronger memory than my present memory. this level of weakness is really a boon. There are more advantages of having weak memory, I am not getting to recall them write now.I will keep on writing on the advantages of having weak memory by time to time in my upcoming blogs..