Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Human- An Innocent Animal

Our social life is generally affected by our basic human nature. Our attributes as a human being like our behaviour, way of talking, lifestyle, way of interacting people, thinking, love, affection, anger, regret, respect, happiness, attraction, seduction, and all other attributes defines our character, our personality. Basic human Nature is like the nature of a very innocent animal. Is this nature our quality or our inferiority?
I had started to read books on osho's philosophies, almost 3 months back. I did not read more than a half book. and one part of this book ("mind games" in "just like that") forced me to think on basic human nature. Now I believe our basic nature is oust best quality when we use it as a tool, but it becomes our inferiority when it uses us. It is our basic human nature we understand things properly when we experience them. I'll give some example , imagine like you are experiencing them.
I want to explain this by examples. Once in a village near to my village, a lion tried to attack a child. By luck child's mother was also there doing something. Lion was standing between mother and child. when mother saw her baby in danger, she did not think anything and Instead of fearing she took an axe near to her and started to run towards lion while crying to save her child. Her cry and confidence frightened Lion and forced the lion to run away. Here she used her love for her baby over the fear of lion and saved her baby.
Now come to another example.Recall Ajay Devgan in "U me aur hum". when He sends kajol to be hospitalised for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. He tells if mother is sinking with her child in water, till some extend she tries to save life of her child. But when she loses her senses while sinking ,she forgets everything and try to come out by pushing down head of the child. Now she doesn't remain a mother, her basic human nature comes out. and this is the realty. Affection of a mother for her children is an attribute of basic human being and this is the best tool for a mother to feel like the happiest one in the world. But in unconscious state when she tries to save her life by pushing down her child's head, it is her basic human attribute that forces her to do so. In water mother loses her senses and forced to do so. but I guess almost every person is unaware of this basic nature and doesn't now how to be 100% conscious. we get angry on small things, we get excited by small things, we start to forget rest of the world when we fall in world, we try to impress those people who can be beneficial for us. we try to get others attention, we try to insult the one who has insulted us, we try to help the one who has helped us, we try to abuse who has abused us, we try to amuse who has amused us. this is our basic nature which forces us to try all these things. I am not saying that we should not do these things, we don't have to be used by these attributes, but we have to use these attributes as tools. when some one make us angry, we do not get angry but that some one makes us angry. we never get angry when we are alone. others have the remote control of our anger.
I am thinking of a situation when I met one of my friends by the first time. My behaviour , My way of talking with that person at that time was different from normal. After one month my behaviour was not same. But the person was same ,but my behavior was different, this is happening because of my basic nature.I was not using my nature, but it was using me. My behaviour should be same. My talking to my friend and talking to my father was always different. because my friend is not my father and my father is not friend. This is because I am suffering from basic human nature. now come to singer Naseebo Lal. When I listen to her I forget everything, I become almost dead for rest of the world. this attribute of mine that forces me to do so. but this attribute does not create any problem, so I let this attribute to use me. but when some one make other one angry by insulting him. other one should not get angry, he should has control on anger, so that he should not let anger to hurt him. But every one has equal right to survive in this world, to oppose the cause of insult. he should get angry on other one otherwise other can insult him again. Now he has to use this attribute(anger) and does not has to let anger to use him. I mean he should show anger without getting angry.That is what solved by theory of maxim enjoyment(refer to my blog-theory of maximum enjoyment).
many times our basic nature uses us, that is the state of unconsciousness. we have to use our basic nature intelligently as a tool to be more happy, to enjoy.I try to do this by trying to use my attributes which hurt me and I let my attributes to use me which make me happy. for this I apply theory of maximum enjoyment when I get stuck somewhere.


sheetal bhat said... your essay.....its good.....will like to say one thing.....your theory is applicable only when it is accepted by every individual on this will come out destructive to the one who himself is trying to implement it.....hope you got it.....

Deepak Bagga said...

It will not be destructive, if you think so you have not understood this theory properly. Have you read that-"we don't have to be angery where anger is required, but we have to show anger instead of getting angry". In this way Anger will there but no one will be affected by anger. similarly we have to use other distructive attributes in the same way.

pawan said...

it is true that basic nature of human being is an innocent. i wont say an animal but a rational animal.animals may also be rational in their communities but i cannot say anything on that.
It is the prolonged social induced fear ,may be fear of god ,fear of to be inferior to someone,fear of poverty, that divert us from our true nature.

Deepak Bagga said...

that fear is inside us, and is controled by others.

fear of god. that is created by our society,knowledge of god is not inbuilt, so this fear is controlled by the society.

fear of inferiority, that is because we want others attention. controlled by others.

fear of poverty. a crow can fill his stomach, so what is poverty?, that is relative poverty, controled by relatives.

Idirectly that diverts us , but if we say directlty we get diverted from true nature because we are affected by others, not they have affected us knowingly.