Friday, January 2, 2009

Life- An Assumption

Yesterday I was thinking about the assumptions on which my life is based. And I came to now that this whole world is an assumption. Till now I lived my 99% life based on assumptions only. I was told God has created us and he is watching everything every time and I assumed that this is the truth. No matters where has this speculation originated. Almost every one is keeping on assuming that he/she was told truth. I was told going to school is necessary to be good man, I assumed is true. I was told food made by mother is the tastiest food in the world, I assumed that is true. I was told to respect my elders. I assumed this is truth.
Mumbai is attacked by some terrorists. People, that were in the building, before the attack were totally unaware of this attack and every one was enjoying and it was assumed that they were safe, but reverse happened. after the attack people staying in Taj at other place left the hotel, because they assumed that Taj hotel is not safe. Again reverse happened. they assumed only the false part, not the true part(other possibilities). they have one wrong thing they even didn't think about the reality.I am not saying I am true about all people inside the Taj. but I am sure that not 100% people had thought about the other possibilities.And this not enough before it is proved that terrorosts are from Pakistan, it is assumed that they are from Pakistan. If they would not be from Pakistan , assumption would be wrong and Pakistan would have wrong image. We are taught to live in society. Rules are made by this society, we assume them universal, i.e. if I do something wrong I will be punished by judiciary and if I would not caught then God will punish me. I don't know God is there or not. but Society told me God is there and I am emotionally forced to believe this. Tarun, My very close friend will never cheat me or will never kill me, that is my assumption. and it does not mean that I will give him any chance to cheat or kill me.
Yesterday I read in newspaper that one girl filed a complain against some boys for attempting rape. And as it is done generally, it was assumed that the girl is speaking truth. Boys were caught and behaved as rapists. But in the last, truth was unveiled an boys were found innocent. Now For that behavior of police with that boy only girl was not responsible but police was also responsible.Because had assumed something wrong.
I assumed I will come to office tomorrow also. I don't know if I will die before tomorrow or not. then how can I assume it 100% true. I have assumed that in today's lunch, poison will not be served. I have assumed that my mother can not kill me. I have assumed that, the bus in which I travel, would not face any accident.I have assumed that I will go to Aundh today evening with my friend, But even I don't not that I will survive till evening or not. I am not sure that today evening bomb will be blasted in aundh or not. But I have assumed.
I am not saying anything wrong about these assumptions. but assuming these assumptions as reality is wrong. Any assumption can never be 100% true to happen. But generally I assume it 100% real. and in this way I forget other real things. For example, if this assumption is 99% true to happen than another 1% thing adding to it makes this real. this is not only me who do it, I think almost every one does this. No one can cheat me, no one can kill me. If one can do this, only if I allow the same. If My friend can't kill me, it doesn't mean I will give him the right to kill me, or I will give him poison to serve me. If some has cheated me, it is my mistake that I am cheated. And this not only my mistake and not only cheater's sin but this is a combination of my mistake and cheater's sin. But why only cheater is punished? I have also done a mistake. Because it is assumed that cheater is wrong not me.
After reading this You might be thinking that I have gone mad. But I have assumed that I am not mad. I don't know I have gone mad or not but I have assumed .But the reality is either I have gone mad or you have gone mad. If rest of the world is assuming that I have gone mad. then, in real , there are two possibilities either I have gone mad or rest of the world has gone. but by the rest of world only it is assumed that I have gone mad.


Tarun Goel said...

Too good bagga, amazing stuff :)

Anonymous said...

seriously speaking u have gone mad lol :)
But i would like to give some thought regarding assumption of god .First of all, he mighty is out of human logic and assumption .Actually he is more beyond that.
Do not follow society for believing or not believing god ,just try to find out the answer your own who is responsible for your and our existence.

Deepak Bagga said...

If I will ask myself about god, answer will come but it will be my answer, it will be deepak,s answer, a boy born inn una of H.P., son of his parents and cityzen of his society. his society. his parents, his society will give answer . It will not be my answer. Actually I don't know God is there or not, How can I believe that god is there or not there. it will remain confusion for me till I get a solution, which can convience me.
If you know God is there then please try to convience me.If you know god is there, tell on what basis you ca say this.

Anonymous said...

that's the biggest problem,when it come to god no one convince "NO ONE" .I myself struggling for the answers as it's much hard to find out
but don't worry when i find will tell u.:)
but until then i will not assume any thing about him .

Deepak Bagga said...

that,s what I am saying, I am not assuming any thing. I am going with the perception that God may be there or not. I am taking both options means I am going with neutral, neither against God nor with God.

Manish Jain said...

very very very very Good ...
You are just awesome....