Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Slangs

I believe if something is so bad, its goodness is hidden somewhere. if some one has the greatest inferiority, same must has the greatest quality. Generally slangs are used at quarrelling times. these are used to insult someone that may be the reason these are known only bad words. I have used these slangs as tool to construct myself, to maximize enjoyment. It may be very odd to understand this but this is true. I use slangs for everyone, without hurting them. may be some had got hurt, but I always tried not to hurt anyone. And whenever I came to know my slangs can hurt anyone, I stopped their use for those people. that is the part of enjoyment. and I am sure that every one use slangs directly or indirectly, publicly or in private, for enjoyment or for destruction, I always try not to use slangs for destruction. This is the part of enjoyment. Now I will explain how slangs has helped me to construct myself.
You may be thinking how slangs can construct any one. But I believe in abstracting enjoyment from everything. Before explaining, I want to explain my construction. as I have already explained in my last post - still I have to learn a lot of things, till now I have learnt many things. this leaning constructs me. I think maximum of learning that I can do, no one can make me to learn. Constructing myself is maximizing myself, not physically but spiritually. And slangs helped me a lot. I used slangs for my teachers , I used slangs for every one, for my parents and for God also, but not in front of them. Now I will explain how they have helped me. I believe no one in world is 100% good or 100% bad. Every one in this world has a special thing . If that one is my teacher, not that teacher who teaches me, but that teacher who made me to learn. My teacher can not be 100% perfect. I always try to learn only those things that I liked. These things was of my teacher's. that was a part of my teacher. but rest part of my teacher might be bad. I used slangs for those part of my teacher, which I didn't like. I don't have any problem in using slangs for my teachers. and my teachers also don't have any problem. because they are not aware of my slangs, they don't come to know that some one is using bad language for them. I have seen many example, read in books, generally people adorn the whole teacher. Let me to make it more clear with the help of example. Example of one of my relative. he is a devotee of one local saint. this saint is having good knowledge. he is a good teacher. he tries to solve every problem of others. but some times if he does not get solution of any problem, he does not tell that he can't solve. He gives some random solution from his book of random function, like sometimes he says to serve chicken to a black dog, sometimes to serve flour to fishes. And my relative thinks it would really solve his problem. This is a case of deep superstition. If I would be in place of my relative, i would not insult that saint and I would not say thing wrong to that saint. I know, sometimes he give good solution to problems. I would go to him and ask me for help. And he would solve my problem then it's OK, otherwise I would use big-big slangs for his arbitrary solution. The problem with my relative is that he has adorned that saint completely. He should adorn only qualities of that saint. And my slangs helps me to increase my capability of selecting qualities of others. Let's take another example of Lord Karishna. Every one knows he has done many things that according to them should not not be done. Karishna ki Gopiyan. I don't remember the no. He left them after Rassleela and never met them again. I guess, I am right. If You ask his devotee that, is it good, answer would be like this-"don't discuss about this, he is God and he can do anything, we should not talk ill of him. we should not say anything against him". I know karishna was really very great if the history told me is true, it does not mean he didn't has any inferiority. we should not adorn the whole Karishna, but we should adorn only qualities of karishna.
My slangs are helping me to increase my capability of selecting the qualities from a mixture of qualities and inferiorities. If I use slangs for some religion, for some cast, for some region, for some community, for some country or for some person, it is never to insult that religion or community or any thing. My slangs are either to increase enjoyment or to improve my skill of selecting and fetching qualities.


Nishit said...

You are right bagaa. You use a lot of slangs. You said slangs means enjoyment to you. Just like that i also use slangs about bhabhiji...i enjoy saying slangs about you should also enjoy

Deepak Bagga said...

but destruction should not be there. if it is there then you don't know clearly about my theories.

Tarun Goel said...

But destruction will be different for different type of people, may be Nishit doesn't see it as destruction :D

Deepak Bagga said...

there is a major drawback of my theory of maximum enjoyment. this theory is very critical, if you don't know it's use properly, then a lot of destruction would be there.
According to tarun destruction for different people is different. if one can't have as much intelligence as enough to know other's destruction, then destruction would be there. if one has to use this theory then he/she should be able to judge other's destruction or enjoyment properly. only then he/she can implement theory of maximum enjoyment properly.

If nishit is using this theory without judging that it can hurt any one he hasn't understood this theory properly

pawan said...

if u are using slangs for enjoyment what kind of enjoyment is that.Is it that you are making mockery of that person or u are laughing on his ignorence which u are unable to logically justify.

It does,nt matter what kind of words u r using against someone but the important thing is that what feelings do u have when u are using those words.

As u said u use slangs against some people but not in front of them.Then I guess those slangs are not going to give u enjoyment.If u want to enjoy with reference to someone why u r enjoying behind them not in front of them.

If u r hurted by someone that is ur mistake but if someone is hurted by u that is not ur mistake.

Deepak Bagga said...

No, you have not gotton me properly. You must have used -"CHAK DE FATTAE or "JAI SHREE RAM". In similar way I use my slangs. Because I always try to see the positive side of every thing, even of slangs.

I always keep in mind that no one should hurt. I try not to care about othres,weather they are hurting me or not. I always use theory of maximum enjoyment. and if some one got hurt by my slangs than it is really my fault. but I think this never happened in my past life and I have used a lot of slangs without hurting anyone upto a measurable level. measurable level means if it is some one habit to be hurt by small small things then I can't do any thing and it is that person's problem not of mine.

pawan said...