Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Small Decisions

I tried to make my life very complex, I succeeded. Then I tried to make my life so simple , Again I succeeded. Everything was depending on my decisions. My life goes smooth. one day I think let's make it complex. Now I will tell you how I did it. First of all I thought I can make my life very complex, if I would let me to stuck in net of decisions. I decided to a lot decisions that I didn't need to think about , because if I would not tahink about that decisions that would be taken automatically my me. I know it is not easy to understand this. I will make it simple from starting .
Every thing's happening is decided by a decision. when I have to breath my brain has to decide weather air is to be inhaled or exhaled. when I have to walk my brain has to decide which leg I have to put up. what should be height of my foot. what should be angle of my leg. what should be the speed of my leg's upward movement. where should put my foot. what should be angle at knee. what should be the direction of my step. with how much force I should put down my foot. what should be angle of my ankle joint at stepping up and stepping down time. all these things are decided by my brain automatically. I don't need to think about these decisions much. these are the things that are related to myself only. one can imagine how much complex life would be if one start to decide all these small things every time. this may be looking very funny. now come to next context, when I have to take decision when my decision is influenced by other people. it will be very simple if I explain with example. let's take example of my friend gupta(deependra gupta). I am using gupta's name just to explain and without any other any reason. gupta is my friend.If I am going to watch movie, My decision of asking gupta to come with me for movie is affected by gupta. I will ask gupta not any unknown person walking on road. If gupta is religious person , my decision of using slang for god will depend on gupta's presence. If some one want something from me , my decision of giving that thing to that some one depends on the person, if he is gupta my decision would be different from if that some one is any unknown person. that is the example of gupta. now let's go some more deep. come to my parents. I am at my home some neighbour come to my home and ask for some money or some other help urgently If I know it already that my mother is having very bad thinking about that person, then my decision would be different from if the situation is opposite . I can take my own decision at that time but this may hurt my mother more than what I could have hurt that neighbour. Any parents can never want that their child would smoke. My decision of smoking in front of my parents is be affected by my parents. now let's take another example. some beggar comes to me, I would give him a coin of 1,2,5 or maximum 10 rupees. but if some non-beggar person come to and gives some proper reason for money, then at that time I would give money more than that I would give to beggar. my decision is totally affected by others. situation becomes very critical when I have to decide with my close person. for example I have decided to change my decision of going to home at any time, than tarun asks me to go to home, and I decided I will go after 1/2 hour and I tell the same to tarun , at that time my decision of changing my present decision depends on tarun. every thing is affected by others.Now come back to explanation how I made my life very complex. I decided I will take every decision by myself only and I can change my decision at any point. now I decided to wake up at 7 morning, when it was 7, I decided to sleep more and decided to wake up at 7:30, because enjoyment would be maximized. than I wake up at 7;30. Now I had to decide weather I should brush at that time or after some time. then I decided I will do some exercise first and I will do brush after 5 minutes. Again I had to decide which exercise should I do. I decided I will exercise push-ups. Again I had to decide how many push-ups. I decided 10 push-ups. I did that. almost 5 minutes were over. then I started brushing before that I had to decide how much tooth paste I had to use. somehow I decided. I brushed. Generally I take bath daily. but that day I had to decide weather I should take bath or not. because only one day before I had taken bath. At last I decided I will take bath. After that I had to decide hot water or cold water. I thought I will use hot water, because it would be more comfortable. but again I thought if I would use hot water it may may be difficult next day to use cold water because of comfort. then I decided I Will take cold bath. Like this I took very- very small decision with almost every assumption. this made my that day very complex, as I could not think any thing else and that decreased the enjoyment. Now some other day I decided to make my life very simple. that day I didn't put any alarm to wake me. I got up when I was completely woke up, I didn't think about any exercise. I used random quantity of toothpaste. I took bath with cold water as usual. I did almost all things without thinking much about those. that was the day of maximum enjoyment, but I forget small- small thing, like I forgot to take I-card with me . but in real that decreased the enjoyment. Now the problem's solution was more clear, that is about how much decisions should I really think. I started to apply theory of maximum enjoyment. if my my decision of not taking decision does not cause any destruction and increases the enjoyment, I left that decision on my automatic machine, my experience named functioned automatic part of brain. some decisions that are not taken by my machine because of of lack of experience, I started to use theory of maximum enjoyment.
Many times I got stuck in a number of decisions .I came to know about this when after that stuck I thought, I could have enjoyed more if I could have not spend time to decide those thing, which could have been solved without my decision. Means my decision was not necessary for that. and that process of making decision had blocked one part of my brain for some time from other thoughts. If the situation is opposite and freed myself from taking decisions, then many important decision that I should take would not be taken. and this may cause destruction, which is against the theory of maximum enjoyment. Now the important thing is that for which decisions I should think, and for which decisions I should not think much. thinking process is not bad but it should be efficient, enjoyment should be there. One more important thing, if I would try these things that I explained earlier to increase enjoyment, it can make me confused if I forget other thing for this. this thing is related to my thinking and hence this is very critical and can cause destruction if I didn't do that properly. this is the greatest disadvantages of theory of maximum enjoyment also. If one can not use this theory properly, it would be very destructive. So the greatest precaution while using theory of maximum enjoyment is that if one do not know it how to use theory of maximum enjoyment properly then one should not use this theory. same case is here with decision making process. if I get diverted from the normal processes or things then destruction would be caused. so finally theory of maximum enjoyment is the solution of my every problem.


honey said...

small decisions are too informative bagga :) :P
u rock!!

Nishit said...

Yes bagga there is no work in this whole world which requires no decision. You need to decide first then step further. If it wasn't ur blog then i wouldn't read it but it was written by you, so i read it.

One thing i want to mention is that i had to work very hard in reading ur blogs. Not only they are lengthy but it requires understanding as well. You always say that "I can't work hard" but i don't understand how can you write such long blogs. It's amazing.

Deepak Bagga said...


this is true I can't do hard work. I can do only that work which I enjoy and I enjoy writing blogs.
well, I will solve your problem in next blog by bolding fonts of important things and by summerizing the contents.

Anonymous said...

bagga it would be more comfortable for me also

sam said...

bahut badi hai puri nahi padhi but jitani padhi achhi thi...