Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Human is the most intelligent creature in the world, as believed by the humans. It may be possible we human are not aware of other creatures who are more intelligent than us, they are as much intelligent as they are able to hide themselves from us. This is not only my belief but many people has said that there must exists a 4th dimensional, which we are unable to realize. Well that the out of humans living. Although that topic very interesting, but if I don’t go out and try to realize myself as a human being, attracts me a lot. At least practicing on myself as a human being, a most intelligent creature on the earth, is very simple as I can feel, I can do practicals easily. If I compare myself with non-living intelligent things then I can tell more clearly what I want to tell. Old mobiles e.g. Nokia 1100 are the simple ones, there is no concept of virus in them. Windows mobile, user friendly has a great effect of virus on them, why is so, is it because of windows phones are more intelligent that simple and cheap phone! Intelligence has side effects also! Now let’s come to living intelligent things. A comparison between rat and human. I have never heard of a veterinary psychiatrist or a rat is suffering from some mental illness. They may suffer upto an extent as they also have brains. But I believe that a human can think up to a great extent and can suffer from a mental illness up to a similar extent, similarly mental illness in case if no- humans(less intelligent creatures) is less. If human is exposed to some human virus by some direct or indirect sources, human might be destroyed like a computer hard disc is needed to format when suffered from some similar kind of disease. Now let’s group humans into different categories, there will be as much categories as total number of humans in the world. So it is rightly said by some intelligent creature that everyone this world has a special thing in them but only those are happy who have known what is special in them. Now what will happens if someone gets exposed by so-called virus, means distracted by something which at some time stops that person’s thinking, or forces that person to think in destructing way, destruction of his own mind.

Above written paragraph is very difficult for other person to understand completely, because I am thinking about what I am writing, so it is only very simple for me to imagine what I am writing and I am trying to tell. Why so! Because the processes (thoughts) running in the readers mind and in my mind are different up to a great extent, that stops other person to think like me. It means if we define a scale for our (humans) thinking, everyone has different magnitude with different dimensions. But who choose the magnitude and dimensions of this scale. These are nothing but attractions of the nature. When we (humans) get attracted towards this attractions, our minds start thinking about that thing only and forgets about other thing up to an extent. If sometimes we are unable to get or achieve what we expected from that natural attraction, a pressure gets created in the mind, about this pressure only a psychiatrist can explain properly. In humans we can use word distraction for that type of attraction, or here I would like to use word "human virus". If I think I am very much intelligent I can control mind, that is never true and I guess same is case for every human. It is very difficult to control our mind, the only thing we can do is to concentrate on other attractive thing, which we can be gotten easily and we can prevent those things to become virus. Easy to say but very difficult to implement! Efforts can be reduced by choosing an attraction which can divert our processes of mind in non-viral directions. for example tomorrow morning at 6 ‘o clock I have an exam , I have to get up early but tonight all my close friends are going to celebrate in youth-party, I cannot stop myself. Now what is virus in this case, and what is the best solution in this case. Obviously that thought of party in the mind. And what is the best solution for this situation. If I will go to party it will ruin my exam, if I will not go I will keep on thinking about the party only and this will also not good for my exam. I have different solution for me and similarly other person would have some other solution depends on his/her mind. This is very common example. Here it is not much difficult to choose the best solution. But there are many situations where I feel helpless and my mind stops thinking in a normal way. Is that the same case with others also? I believe yes same is the case for others also. In a sinking boat you sister and your mother are dying, you can save only one, whom will you save? Just imagine yourself in the situation like you are seeing a nightmare and you have to choose one out of two beloved ones. Your mind will surly stop working properly and you will stop thinking normally. Now what is mental virus in this case! I guess, to find out and to remove these illness (I don’t know if I am using correct word "illness") of mind are out human scope. I am saying this illness because after this scene almost every human’s mind will start working in a different way. These are the unavoidable situations. But there must be a way to get out of these types of situations.

Please don’t misunderstand by physical situations; I am talking about purely mental situations. I don’t know the solution. Need to work on it. But there are many other situations which act like viruses and distracts human mind, which, after not getting what is expected, convert into illness. Those things should be avoided, not by thinking oneself strong enough but by intelligent enough. E.g. I get angry easily. If I try to control my anger forcefully, means I will try to feel I am not angry or I am strong enough to control my anger, I believe that is wrong way, that anger will start working like a virus and one day it will I will stop thinking., anger is one of human attribute. Creation of human virus is similarly applicable to other human attributes e.g. happiness, frustrations, infatuation, love, sadness etc. you must be thinking why I am writing about negative things only. But "Be positive " is only applicable if we also know about the negative things, otherwise we are blindly following positivity with ignorance of other neutral( may be non-negative) things. Or you must have heard "ignorance is bliss". Whatever are quotations written by some famous people. E.g. "Whatever you are, be a good one. -Abraham Lincoln" it doesn’t mean Abraham Lincoln never felt he has done something wrong. Similarly if I believe something it doesn’t mean I have followed that thing perfectly to its 100%. Although I always wanted to follow but something stops me, I doubt they are some distractions (human- virus). I was talking about human attributes. They are very strong I cannot defeat them but I can reduce their affect. If you have watched movie "3 Idiots". You can recall one dialogue- "mann ko bevkoof banake rakhna padta hai", or if you have read Bhagwad Geeta, Shree Krishna had said-"Mann bada chanchal hai", what did they mean actually, meaning can be explained in single sentence or a book of millions of pages can written on this. Similarly If I have watched this movie, I could have taken the meaning up to one level of my understanding, as I have explained , if there is something to learn we can learn it to an extent. According to me these levels are >listening>remembering>understanding>analyzing>implementing. This really matters what is my understanding level for these human viruses. If I have understood this single sentence up to its implementation level, I would be aware of many human viruses. Or in simple words I have to cheat myself to get greatest enjoyment with not getting distracted by these viruses/distractions. Whatever I have written is very simple like can be written in one line and it is very difficult as a book of million pages can be written on it. If I am able to write a book in mind of million pages , then I can say I have understand it to some extent of understanding i.e. implementation.

One big problem is how to identify these viruses. If I am asked to identify it for others, for example I am asked to identify distractions for my friend, I can tell my friend nicely that these are the thing that you should avoid to make yourself more happy. But If something is distracting me and I am asked to identify viruses for me. I cannot suggest myself the best solution. Because these human viruses reduce the thinking ability. I am sure this is not only my case , but everyone has almost same impact of these viruses on them. These viruses are the attractive thoughts which give birth to expectations and increases expectations which cannot be fulfilled and after not getting what was expected you can imagine what happens. That’s why its rightly said –"expectations leads to frustrations". Now this is also a single sentence and a book of million pages can be written on it. And it depends on person upto what extend he/she has understand this. Similarly if we ignore these human viruses, they can affect human thinking from very small to a great extent that might be difficult to imagine. This is explained by Osho very nicely with an example. A farmer and a school boy were neighbors. Boy’s activities generally irritate the farmer. Generally this happens to people with some age differences. Now one day farmer lost his axe. At the moments when he came to know about his axe, he suspected that boy only because of their differences. Now every time the farmer used to keep an eye on the boy. His 50% of thinking was reigned by the boy. Daily activities of the boy started increasing farmers hate for boy day by day. After few day farmers found his axe in his home only, he found boy was innocent. Now again he started thinking normally. What had happened to farmers thinking when he had lost his axe! Was his thinking suffered by some human virus! I guess this type change in thinking is common and can be observed easily. I am 100% sure farmer must had fought with the innocent boy if he could not find his axe for few more days. Boy had done nothing to do with every mental process (thinking) went on in the farmers mind. Boy was never that much responsible for change in farmers thinking. Something was there in farmers mind. I termed that thing human virus. This is not case of hatred only. if this would be the case of hatred only, would be easy to handle as everyone knows hatred is negative and should be under control. But if someone gets affected by some positive thing like happiness, I mean, if root cause of human virus is happiness, and then people hesitate to get rid of this virus. For example I get impressed by someone. Every time whenever I behave, I try to behave like that person only, I like everything of my hero. In my behavior I forget to behave normally, something has changed my thinking and that something changed my behavior. According to me that is also an affect of human virus (distraction).If My hero is Lord Krishna and I am a great devotee of Lord Krishna. Whatever he has said, if I follow all that, I believe that is also a human virus’s affect. Now you must be thinking if some is good then what is problem in following him. Problem is nothing but if I follow my hero, I will try follow him with an assumption that he is my hero and he can never be wrong. And I will reduce my personal thinking that is independent of everything and my every decision will be affected by my hero directly or indirectly. In this blindness I will follow those things of my hero also which could be wrong if he would not be my hero. Although I can provide good solutions to others problems, but I feel little helpless when same problem happens to me. I guess this is not my case, but same happens with everyone as this is basic human problem. If you remember the dialogue of movie "U me aur Hum", Ajay devgan says "jab ek maa aur bachcha doob rhe hote hai, to maa bachche ko ek hadd tak bachati hai, fir maa bhi bachche ke sir pe hath rakh ke bachne ki koshish karti hai". Now what is that! Relation of a mother and son is the strongest relationship, but what happens to mother when she is in semi conscious state. Then her basic human nature come out, which is very strong, cannot be controlled, human virus is also a part of basic human nature, which is very difficult to control, only solution is to cheat this basic nature. Any one says he/she is very much strong and nothing can distract him/her, that is nothing but ignorance and zeal which is itself a human virus, reduces the thinking abilities. I believe defeating these human viruses is impossible, only thing we can do is to reduce their effects.


ashima said...

Though a li'll long.. its a nice post.. I especially liked the analogy that you used with rat.. Keep it up..

Maddy said...

hey!!very gigantic one but gave lot many examples to understand clearly...u can name it as human nature...its basic human nature that comes out at extreme situations....it's not virus??is it??and it not bad thing also..at one aspect, i feel that's true and nothing can be done more than that!!and for such basic human virus, thr r no side effects if two persons understand each other brightly!!!!!!!!!!

Deepak Bagga said...

To Ashima: Thanks for your comments
To Madhuri: It is said whatever one says only 25% of it can be understood. But it seems you have understood only 1%. :(
I have written in the blog this is human nature only, when it starts affecting mind , I termed them virus. –“, but same happens with everyone as this is basic human problem”, its not only extreme situations. Haven’t you got frustrated!! Or haven’t you felt jealous!! Was those extreme situations
Yes there is no side effect if two persons understand each other brightly. But only in case of misunderstanding, I termed it virus.. :)

Nishit said...

Bagge i must tell you that the level of philosophy that u pen down goes way over my head...how u gather so much courage to write such a long post...tell me how much time u took to write this one :)....one thing that i keep on suggesting on ur every blog is that please break ur post in paragraphs if it's long...that will be easy for the reader to read and understand else one won't go beyond 50-60 lines....wht i understood frm ur blog is that Human's r intelligent and complex species to work out...and that virus thing takes birth when there is conflict of ideas or as u said 'misunderstanding'...is dere any Antivirus to quarantine that virus??? if not please make one bagga :)

Rahul Gupta said...

Very nice and rare insight/understanding of what most of human beings are already going through and the some can go through in their future.
Just that the increased complexity of our exposures are making us to process much complicated instructions than what human brain can process with its natural instincts. On top of that the sphere of honest dearly support from society is shrinking leading to decline in emotional strength.
In a way it can be good if one can use one human nature to counter another human nature. (iron can cut iron)
For example, it’s a bit difficult to exhaust oneself in technologies of reading and writing but still against this human nature the thought provoking views force me to acknowledge the post (again a human nature).
Not to forget the viruses are the most intelligent programs.
Bottom-line strategy is to use it or get used to it.
(sadly as of now I don’t have a interactive running blog plz feel free to share your views in mail gupt.rahul@gmail.com)

pawan said...

well the so called virus is something which destroyed ur mind/thinking.I think it is the old thinking which is being destroyed here.but i won,t say it the virus although when mind/thinking is being destroyed we may feel negative (and naming it as virus).
by taking some real life examples.In our academic/college time when we took admission in new standard we might have faced some difficulty to understand the new subject.Or if we want to learn new sports and adventurous game initially some hesitation may be there.you can say it virus, challenge or an opportunity to learn something new and come out of your old stagnancy and boredom. It totally depends on attitude.But I think one thing is certain that to change attitude/stereotype efforts are always required.

Regarding true human nature the drowning mother and child example I don,t know how much it is practically experimented.But i think every animal(including human ) body has internal self defence mechanism which respond to visible danger to protect himself/herself.And if someone is doing something unconsciously he/she can only do is increase his/her conscious level.

I think basic human nature is joyful and calm but sometimes due to mis-understanding it gets shaken.That means we need to increase our conscious level to convert that mis-understanding into understanding

I think we have to face extreme situation nothing can be done about that.