Thursday, July 16, 2009

Size of My Well

I have been thinking of writing this blog- "size of my well" for a long time. I am starting this with tarun's (tarun goel) law of relativity, as tarun says rightly everything in this world is relative nothing is absolute. this title "Size of my well" is derived from Hindi saying- "कुएं का मेंडक ". Every one in this world starts journey of their life from their parents home and school, college, first job and marriage etc etc। this is the general flow. many people have different paths. When I was at home before joining my first school, center of world was my parents. At that time my parents were absolute for me. I started my life's journey from that center. I decided everything by taking my parents as reference, I compared everything with my parents to have any opinion about that thing. after that I joined my first schools , primary school. then that center of my life started spreading. Now that center had become the base. that base of my life started including my teachers with my parents. Now I started taking that base as reference point of my life. I started comparing everything with that base. As I grew up size of that base increased. Always I started deciding about everything by taking that As reference. this size of base can be called the radius of my well. that describes the size of my "कुआँ" ।
what I have explained in very clear scenario of "कुएं का मेंडक ". Now come to some typical scenario. according to almost every one the flow of life is almost same. they describe the life inside some fixed boundaries. that describe the size of their well. It is said -be broad minded. what is a broad mind. I think broad mind is something broader than other comparable thing. it can be said broad thinking. what in realty the person who is broadminded is nothing what frog of some bigger well, not of very big well. Why the life average human runs in almost same way. I think size of their well is described by the society where they are living. there are a lot of difference between girls social life and boys social life, because sizes of their wells are separately described/defined by the society. people go in a smooth way . they don't have any problem in their well. they are happy. This is good, but the problem is that many don't want to cross their limits, even bigger problem is that many people never think to cross the limit. they died with the assumption that their well is the whole universe. Many problems arises, which can be solved by just crossing the limit, but who dare to do this . Understanding this this thing with some clarity can be done by some examples. Love marriage is very common example. why do 90% Indian are against of love marriage. why their behavior are different for son and daughter. many people can think about this , they can give the solution but never dare to implement this in their lives. this thing can be seen in almost every Indian family. reader of this blog can think about their own family, may be, this difference is very small.
Now come some more typical example. God, no one dares to think against god. even no one can think of insulting their god. Now, question may be asked why to insult any god. I am not saying to insult , but to think that it can be done or not.there are a lot of examples that can be observed everywhere. Like, why to behave differently with our parents and with our neighbours. why to worship god.
why some person grown in a city is different from a person grown in a village. Misunderstanding comes when it is assumed that person from city would have greater radius of his/her well.
If I have had experienced a lot things at various places of world with very great and famous people and I think have gained a lot of experience in this period, then I should be wrong. It is also possible that I have gained only 1% what I could have gained if I would think in different way. If I have increased the size of my well 10 times, perhaps I could have increased this size by 100 or 1000 times. but is this the limit. what should be the limit of the size if my well. 10000 or 1million times or 100 millions time. No, it should be infinite.


mohit said...

good work bagga...
keep it up!!!

Nishit said...

very true bagga(OSHO also said this in hs book man of the millenium)....for our complete life we never think beyond the aura we have built around us and this is the reason why we feel uncomfortable at accepting changes in our lives... so widen your horizon( remember soda talked about this in STC) and think big and think impratical...gud post bagga...keep up the gud work!!!

pawan said...

Thats good observation!
Now I think You need to increase the radius of ur songs from Naseebo to others.

vicious said...

very true ..would like 2 read more of u !!