Friday, January 16, 2009

where's my fault???

Few days before I joined It is Pakistani social networking site. It is a kind of forum, where user can discuss anything or can do time pass only. But I joined this site with a hope of getting information about Naseebo Lal. As I have told in my past posts, I am a good fan of Naseebo Lal. She is an amazing pakistani punjabi singer. I had been asking the mamber of pakurdu about her. they were also trying to help me by giving me small small infomation related to Naseebo Lal. Thanks to all members of pakurdu. there are many forums in pakurdu for just time pass. for example "aap kiska wait kar rahe hai", "aapka mood kaisa hai",'"aapke uper wala member aapka kaun hai","Naraaz kijiye" etc ,etc..I guess, you may have understood the structure of pakurdu. Everything was going on very normal. But yesterday I was banned from this site for a small reason according to me but this may be big reason for them. I don't know
this were happened in this way :>
I was doing time pass on thread "Naraaz kijiye". where every one tries to annoy the other person whose post was last in that thread. I was doing the same. one of the member whom I was trying to irk was a girl. whose name, I don't want to disclose here. we were keep on posting as:
Girl:"shakal dekhi hai apni".
Me:"haan aaj subah hee dekhi thi"
Girl:"to main kya karoon".
Me:"tum nachna shuru karo. nachne se pahle paani pee lena , nahi to thak jaogi. jab thak jao to fir paani pikar baith jana"
Girl:"kya bakwas kar rahe ho"
Me:"shayad maine aapko sahi mein naraz kar diya. Really?"
After some time , My account was banned from Pakurdu. I tried to login again. but I got a message . yesterday this message was (I don't remember the exact words)-
"You are a rat. go back to your hole. ask you sister to dance. you are banned from PU(pakurdu)"
today the message is changed-"Sorry dk_bagga, you are banned from using this forum! banned " .
I don't know what they have taken the meaning of my words. I want to make it clear here that my intentions of using that words were never wrong. I always try not to hurt any one. I can use these words for any of my friend or any one . I can ask any one to dance, not this much we(me and my friends, my relatives) do dance together on occasions like marriage of some one, birthday or any other event. even if my sister will ask me for dance on any occasion I will do and she will also do the same. we celebrate these occasion with dancing together. whenever I celebrate some event with my Friends I do dance with my friends. but while joking when I used these word ("nachna shuru karo"-start dancing) in the forum. she got angry. and I was banned from that forum. you can think the level of her anger from the error message that I received after I was banned.
I don't know what's the meaning she had taken from words. My intentions of using these words was to make our conversation more interesting, not to hurt her or any one. if they have taken some wrong meaning of my words, then I am really very sorry for that. I have no ill will in my heart, and beleive we all should be free of any kind of missunderstandings. that's how I define my happy world.
If by chance this blog is read by any pakurdu member, please post it on pakurdu. I am not saying this to remove ban, but just to express myself.
I sincerely wel come the views and perceptions of whosoever read this post
Well culminating I would say that whatever she thought was wrong.I think her perception is swollen so cant help it,May allah help that puzzled little soul...........................amen.


honey said...

u r really papam!! it depends on the ppl's perception, we don't knw how they take d thngs into their mind... :) :)
don't u worry!!!Enjoy alws :)

Deepak Bagga said...

they should know the reality, they should not take wrong meaning of my words.they should not feel that they have been insulted.

Tarun Goel said...

wow bagga :)
Now you will burn in the fire of hell

Deepak Bagga said...

to tarun: I will not be much affected, because I am doing this as a machine not as a human...

Nishit said...

oye bagge "paani pee ke baith jaa"...ka matlab usne galat le liya...check meaning of "PEE"...may be she got angry when u said pee lena...Islam religion is very complex and is very particular about beware next time u talk with sm pakistani

Anonymous said...

quite funny
lol :D

sam said...

don't worry happens ....Next time dyhyaan rakhana......